To Boldly Do Who No Man Has Done Before.

I have a fantasy that, the first time me and Chekov have sex, he just sticks his tongue inside me,pumps me and licks all of my cum from his face and fingers.
When Khan said he is “better at everything” for me it also means his sex skills including his enhanced size and stamina. In my headcanon he has a huge thick cock and can go for hours, days even with little to no refractory time - and is so strong that he can break beds and walls by simply fucking someone against it…
Imagine Kirk walking in on his sister (aka: the person reading this) and Pavel making out and Kirk chasing shirtless Pavel around the Enterprise with a Phaser not set to stun.
I want Kirk fucking a blindfolded Khan on the bridge in the captain’s chair. While I watch and tell Kirk what to do to Khan next.
I’ve never been able to decide whether I’d want AOS Bones to bend me over his desk and call me darlin while fucking me or whether I’d want to suck him off and then ride him so I could watch his face as I pleasured him. I’d make him scream my name before I let him come.
I love to imagine that in contrast to all his poise and dominance out of the bedroom, once he’s in bed Khan loves to bottom and dissolves into an array of loud moans and whimpers as someone pins him to the bed and rims him endlessly until he’s sobbing and begging to get fucked senseless.
I want Khan to fuck me. I don’t care where, but as long as we both end up moaning and screaming each others name than it was worth it.
I want Chekov to fuck me senseless. I think he would be really gentle and he would take it slow at the beginning, but than he would get more comfortable with me and begin to slowly go faster and soon enough I would be screaming his name as he fucked me, rough and fast, on the bed.
I met a guy named Liam who looked a lot like Chekov. I couldn’t get him out of my mind so I called him for a hookup. We had dirty, rough, sex and I accidently yelled out Chekov. Lets just say, we like to roleplay now.
Mirror!Bones putting nipple clamps on Mirror!Carol because she has been a bad girl and toying with them until she can’t take it anymore and begs him to fuck her. He fucks her on the matress the whole night.